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Welcome to Kamania's Partners!

Our partnerships primarily span the exciting world of cryptocurrencies. We are thrilled to present
to you a selection of esteemed partners who not only support the crypto scene but also drive
innovative projects forward. Dive in and explore what these fascinating partners have to offer!

We invite you to visit the websites and projects of our partners. Here, you can delve deeper into
the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies and discover innovative ideas. The diversity and
expertise of our partners make a visit worthwhile! Support the future of finance and technology by
learning about our partners' projects!

Check out our partners:

Crypto Intregate
The Group

Each of these partners plays a significant role in the crypto world, offering unique insights and
projects. We are proud to collaborate with these visionary partners and look forward to presenting
you with the latest developments in the world of cryptocurrencies. Enjoy exploring!

  • 20.06.2023: 📢 ALLT and FUCHA faucets temporarily disabled until chain issues are resolved.
  • 18.06.2023: 📢 Exciting news! 🚀 Kamania.com faucet coins are joining Masternode.VIP for voting! 🗳️💎 Shape the future of masternode projects by suggesting and voting for your favorite coins on the best overview page! 🌍💪
  • 18.06.2023: 🚀 Three new coins, CART, SAGISO, and AUOP, added to Kamania.com, and the website got a fresh update!
  • 15.06.2023: 📢🔒 Wallet update successfully completed for PNY, MONK, and MOBIC on Kamania.com Faucet! 🎉
  • 09.06.2023: 📢 Wallet update complete! Claim 777 and Dashd cryptocurrencies with ease on Kamania.com faucet.
  • 09.06.2023: Discover the newest addition to Kamania.com: MNVIP! Claim MNVIP every hour and experience the thrill of expanding your crypto portfolio. 💫💰
  • 06.06.2023: New promo codes for Kamania's MNBTC and 777 faucets are now available in our Discord server! Join us!
  • 03.06.2023: Discover the exclusive promo code for Kamania's RDD Faucet in our Discord. The first 100 claims will enjoy extra rewards! 💰💦 Join now and grab your promo code: Join us!
  • 02.06.2023: All the important links to Kamania's Faucet are now available in one place! Visit!
  • 02.06.2023: Exciting news! Esher Faucet is now live! ALTC to ESHER coin swap completed!
  • 31.05.2023: ALTC Faucet Offline for ALTC to ESHER Merger!
  • 26.05.2023: The K4 Discord bot has entered the beta phase and is now available in Kamania's Discord channel! Join us!
  • 25.05.2023: LTC Faucet Changes! Claim time increased to 24 hours. Admin refills faucet only on Mondays. Donations still claimable.


Crypto Intregate


Embarking on a journey of vibrant growth, Crypto Intregate is a brand new community that's
rapidly expanding!

Our community is founded on key principles that drive our collective vision:

Implementing multiple layers of verifications, preventive measures, and identification roles to
ensure a secure environment for all members.

Adhering to minimum privacy standards that not only protect but also educate our users on the
importance of personal data security.

Commitment to serious content filtering, particularly in the crypto domain, to recommend options
that have been thoroughly tested and gather feedback from the majority.

Fostering a culture of collaboration, we make decisions through community votes. This approach
minimizes mistakes and ensures alignment with user preferences and mindset.

Join us in this exciting phase of community growth, where security, privacy, trust, and cooperation
are the pillars shaping our collective experience!

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nMNSC stands at the forefront of crypto innovation, founded on the robust
Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol.

At its core, nMNSC pioneers a visionary buyback program by strategically investing in other PoS
projects. This closed-loop initiative is adaptable and primed for expansion at any juncture.

Rewards garnered through nMNSC are seamlessly transformed into BTC, setting in motion a
cyclical process:

Acquisition Phase:
Utilizing BTC to procure coins from diverse PoS projects.

Reward Generation:
The acquired assets generate new rewards within the nMNSC ecosystem.

Conversion to BTC:
These rewards, in turn, are converted back into BTC.

Market Repurchase:
Leveraging BTC proceeds to repurchase nMNSC from the market.

This self-sustaining cycle exemplifies our commitment to fostering a resilient and dynamic

It's pivotal to underscore our foundational values, grounded in the principles of staking,
Masternodes (MN), and a deep respect for collaborative partnerships with other projects.

Furthermore, the nMNSC community holds the power to introduce novel use cases at any
juncture. Users are encouraged to unleash their creativity, crafting unique applications and
contributing to the ever-evolving narrative.

Join us as we redefine the landscape of crypto, driven by collaboration, sustainability, and a
community-driven spirit.


Website: https://nmnsc.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/QENkFBUcYJ
Twitter: @nMNSCoin


The Group


TheGroup stands as a beacon of innovation in the cryptocurrency space, distinguished by its
unique amalgamation of individual projects.

At its essence, TheGroup serves as a platform where diverse projects converge to showcase their
collective excellence in quality, performance, and experience. This unified approach sets us apart
as a distinctive force within the cryptocurrency industry.

Our primary mission is to enhance your understanding of the cryptocurrency sector, providing a
robust foundation for trading and investing. TheGroup is committed to becoming the trusted
online hub where individuals can make informed decisions without fear of scams when
considering cryptocurrency investments or business opportunities.

We curate and present products and services that undergo rigorous testing and vetting
processes, ensuring reliability and security. Our belief in a winning strategy through broad
exposure is reflected in the diverse range of projects featured under TheGroup.

It's crucial to emphasize our collaborative ethos and commitment to a secure cryptocurrency
experience. TheGroup believes in fostering partnerships and working symbiotically with other
projects, creating a harmonious environment.

Moreover, TheGroup encourages the community to contribute and create additional use cases at
any time. Users are empowered to shape the platform by introducing their own unique ideas and

Join us as we redefine the cryptocurrency experience, driven by collaboration, reliability, and a
community-driven spirit.




Welcome to the ZamRock music video collection, created to support the vibrant community of
music enthusiasts on the ZamRock Discord server. Our aim is to preserve and promote rare
genres of music that may otherwise be lost to time.

The ZamRock Discord server is a one-stop-shop for music enthusiasts who want to explore
the best of the best tracks. The server's primary objective is to preserve and promote
Zamrock music that may otherwise be lost to time. With a vast collection of vinyl records
converted into digital tracks, members can access and enjoy these musical gems with ease.

Apart from Zamrock, the server has a vast collection of other music genres available for
easy streaming or download, curated mixtapes, and customized playlists by the bots. Every
once in a while, the server features live DJ performances and musical events, keeping the
community vibrant and dynamic.

With an ebook archive covering a range of topics, the server is a true haven for both music
and book lovers. The server even uses crypto to tip the DJs and members contributing to
the music uploads.

Join the ZamRock community to experience the best music archive and community dedicated
to preserving rare music. Explore our music video collection and enjoy the tunes that
have been rescued and restored for generations to come.

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