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  • 25.05.2023: LTC Faucet Changes! Claim time increased to 24 hours. Admin refills faucet only on Mondays. Donations still claimable.

About freco:

Freco is a meme coin with numerous tangible benefits and strong value. Unlike typical meme coins, Freco is designed to ensure it remains valuable for the long term and utilizes a decentralized system. The special thing about Freco is our engaging and practical mobile platform for users. Inside the mobile app, you'll discover a variety of coins, from the biggest ones to the smaller ones. This gives users flexibility for investing and trading. Additionally, the Freco app also rewards users through masternodes and staking.

Coin Stats:

Coin Type: MN/PoS
Premine: 0 freco
Supply: 726667.96577761 freco
Total Supply: 200,000.00 freco

Blockchain Stats:

Block Time: 60s
Block Count: 152668
Masternode Count: 21
MN-Collateral: 10,000.00 freco

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